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[Press Release] Prasetiya Mulya Holds Financial Technology Conference

[Press Release] Prasetiya Mulya Holds Financial Technology Conference

On Saturday, September 21st 2019, FINference was successfully held at 09.30 to 17.00 and attended by more than 1,000 participants from different backgrounds. FINference is a millennials conference that was supported by BEKRAF, GO-JEK, Link Aja, and WIR Group, and had successfully invited more than 40 speakers. FINference consists of Star Room, Vision Room, and Outlook Room, where each room adopts a different theme and topics of discussion. This event aimed to give insight so people can be more familiar with the economy and to introduce and update upon the current and future economic condition for the young millennials. With this year’s theme “Industry 4.0,” FINference also had a start-up gallery and FINland. The start-up gallery helped start-ups to increase their brand awareness towards the participants, while FINland is an educational area with the concept of carnival and technology. This year, FINland had successfully presented seminars talking about creative industry.

As the Rector of Universitas Prasetiya Mulya, Prof. Dr. Djisman Simandjuntak gave an opening speech at the conference.

This event was opened in the Star Room, guided by Harvin Tijono and Hyacynthia Kesuma as the Masters of Ceremony. The event started with an opening speech by Ms. Aulia Nurul Huda, MM as Manager of Undergraduate Finance and Banking Program Universitas Prasetiya Mulya, Prof. Djisman S. Simandjuntak as Rector of Universitas Prasetiya Mulya, and Joseph Kristian Rizaldy Soni as Chairman of FINference 2019. After that, the event was followed by an opening ceremony by Prof. Djisman S. Simandjuntak to initiate International Finance Program and FINference 2019. Tari Tradisional Sasikirana also took part in enlivening the beginning of the event. Furthermore, our keynote speaker Mr. Eko S. A. Cahyanto as Head of Industry Human Resources Development Agency (BPSDMI) Ministry of Industry gave an overview about the current economic condition. The first session went smoothly and lively. All participants enthusiastically  welcomed the first speakers in this session.

Glimpse of Star Room

The first session discussed “Big Data for Business.” This session was hosted by Ms. Hera F. Haryn (Editor in Chief and Director at CNBC Indonesia) as moderator, Mr. Juan Intan Kanggrawan (Head of Data and Analytics at Jakarta Smart City), Ms. Alifa Starlika (Enterprise Account Manager – Banking and Financial Services at IBM), Mr. Syafri Bahar (VP Data Science at GO-JEK), and Mr. Jefri Dinomo (Co-Founder & CBDO at GDILab) as the speakers.

The first session discussed the importance of big data for business.
While the second session talked about funding.

The second session brought the topic “Winning a Series Funding” which is guided by the moderator, Ms. Benedikta Atika (Investment Analyst at ANGIN). The speakers that joined in this second session are Mr. David Soukhasing (Managing Director at ANGIN), Ms. Silvia Hanika (Portfolio Manager at EAST VENTURES), Mr. Diatce G. Harahap (CEO at BJTech), and Mr. Varance Pascal (CEO at C@C). 

The last session with the topic “Facing the 4th Wave” is hosted by Ms. Glory Oyong (News Presenter at Kompas TV) as moderator and Mr. Daniel Surya (Executive Chairman of WIR Group), Ms. Alamanda Shantika (Founder & President Director at Binar Academy), Mr. Neil El Himam (Director for ICT Infrastructure at BEKRAF), and Dr. Ir. I Nyoman Adhiarna, M. Eng (Director of Digital Economy, Ministry of Communication and Information Technology) as the speakers.

Glimpse of Vision Room

This room was hosted by Meilia Wanady as the Master of Ceremony and starts with the first session that discussed about “World of AR and VR for Business.” This session is presented by Ms. Juliwina Lim (General Manager at AR&Co) and Ms. Andes Rizky (COO at Shinta VR) as our speakers. 

Continued after the lunch break, the second session in this room discussed about “The Future Without Privacy,” which is presented by our speaker, Mr. Harya Widiputra (Vice Rector of Academic Field and Information Technology at Perbanas Institute). 

Virtual Reality became one of the topics in Vision Room.

The third session brought the topic “Next Crisis: Shadow Banking” which was guided by Dr. Rio Christiawan (Faculty Member Universitas Prasetiya Mulya) as moderator. The speakers that joined this session are Mr. Dima Djani (Founder and CEO at Alami), Mr. Victor Timothy (Co-Founder and Business Development at Taralite), Mr. Muhammad Ikram Jihan (CCO at Crowdo), and Mr. Inka Yusgiantoro (Senior Executive Analyst Indonesia Financial Services Authority).

The last session discussed “Robot vs. Humans: Who Wins”. This session was guided by Mr. Givari Rizky Michael Amrin (CEO at AMBIZ) as moderator, Mr. Irzan Raditya (Co-Founder and CEO at Kata.ai),  Mr. Prasetya B. Yudaputra (Head of Human Empowerment & General Affairs at MAPAN), and Mr. Soegiharto Santoso (Founder & Chairman of Indonesian ICT Business Association) as our speakers. 

Glimpse of Outlook Room

Hosted by Master of Ceremony, Veeghan Frances Tirtasaputra, Outlook Room starts off with the topic “Empowering the SME with Technology”. This session was presented by Ms. Ariani Hadioetomo (Head of Public Relations and Offline Marketing at Modalku) and Mr. Suwandi Soh (CEO at Mekari).

After the first session, the event continued with the second session that discussed about “Technology in a Single Touch”. In this session, Mr. Pradita Utama (VP of Technology & Innovation at Qlue) and Mr. Fardhan Khan (CEO at Buddy Guard) participated as our speakers.

Mr. Suwandi Soh inspired the Outlook Room with his views on financial technology.

The third session brought the topic “Sociopreneur: Intention, Innovation, Impact”. This session was filled by Mr. Mahpudz Effendi (CMO at MAPAN) and Mr. Vikra Ijas (CPO at Kitabisa.com) as our speakers.

Finally, the last session with the topic “Embracing the Cashless Society” was presented by Mr. Handikin Setiawan (Head of Strategy and Business Planning at VISA) and Mr. Edward Killian (CMO at Link Aja) as our speakers.

Glimpse of FINland

Titan Tyra and Willy Anggawinata talked about the creative industry.

FINland provides various attractive games that can be played by visitors for free. FINland itself provides VR (Virtual Reality) from AR&Co and Virtualab. All FINference 2019 participants were excited to play and try the games provided in this area. 

Besides the games in FINland, FINference 2019’s participants were also impressed by the sessions about creative industry. The first session was about “Creative Industry: Chasing Your Passion.” Titan Tyra and Willy Anggawinata had successfully brought the crowd to the PMBS area. The second session was about “Making Money in Creative Industry”. This session was presented by JWestBros and Nick the Barbership.

Glimpse of Start-Up

The start-up gallery which is displayed in FINference 2019 with a total of twenty tenants consisting of Alami, Crowdo, Taman Siswa, Udemy, Ivosights, Lalamove, AVShunt, Gawean, Investree, Kaki Diabet, Natieva, Pixl Creative, Rukita, Semu Technology, Varises, C@C, G2Academy, Phillip Sekuritas, Vexanum and Wedew. These start-ups promoted their businesses to the participants and increased the awareness of their brand.

Glimpse of F&B, Photo Box and Photo Booth

FINference 2019 provided a 180 degree photo booth and also a photobox which was a photogenic spot with mirrors inside the room. Both of these photo spots will be a meaningful memory for the FINference 2019 participants. Beside that, FINference also provided 2 Recharge machines located at Universitas Prasetiya Mulya which really support participants’ activity. 

FINference 2019 attracted more than 1000 visitors.

Besides, participants could also visit F&B booths which were attended by 10 tenants: Bygiazfoodish, Churrobites, Duck Dealer, Addictea, Telur Bang Joy, Heejo, Comeagain, Sevenbee, Taste Hunter and Three Fat Amigos.

FINference 2019 was closed by Harvin Tijono and Hyacynthia Kesuma as our Masters of Ceremony, and closing remarks by Ms. Aulia Nurul Huda, MM as Manager of Undergraduate Finance and Banking Program Universitas Prasetiya Mulya. We thank all parties for supporting the success of FINference 2019. 


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