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| Culinary| Dakasi VS George Peck! (A Bubble Tea Battle)

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Hey guys what’s up? It’s been a while since the last time I wrote a post here.

So today I will be writing a post about one of the most famous Taiwanese beverages. Can you guess what is it? Yes. It’s Taiwanese Milk Tea. So I will be writing a comparison about Dakasi and George Peck because I am a fan of their milk teas.

First,let’s talk about Dakasi. Dakasi is located in North Jakarta. They offers many types of teas and milk teas. My favorite is Okinawa Honeydew Milk Tea because it has an unique flavour which I can not get from any other milk teas. It has no added sugar because it already had an Okinawa Honeydew syrup in it. The syrup is not too sweet and it smells so fragrant. You can add additional toppings which are grass jelly,bubble,red bean,chocolate pudding,milk pudding,etc. The place is cozy and it has pretty interiors but it gets really hot during the day and very humid at night. My Okinawa Honeydew Milk Tea was Rp. 22.000 (regular size with bubble).

Okinawa Milk Tea

Now,let’s talk about George Peck. It is located in South Tangerang,Mall @ Alam Sutra to be exact. My friend suggested me to taste George Peck’s signature milk tea. I fell in loooooove with their milk tea. It was really different with other regular milk teas because the jasmine tea was so fragrant and the milk was different. I didn’t know what milk was it but I am sure the milk was different from the other brands. The milk tea was not too sweet though I didn’t cut the sugar by half. I forgot the exact price but I am sure it was not that expensive maybe around Rp.22.000-Rp.25.000.

George Peck’s Signature Milk Tea

So,I guess both are worth to try. I do really love their milk teas. You guys should give it a try if you are a fan of Taiwanese tea.

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