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Business Launch and Investor Day (BLIDz) 2015

Business Launch and Investor Day (BLIDz) 2015




Every year there are at least 30 new business start-up were created by undergraduate students of Prasetiya Mulya School of Business and Economics (PMSBE). In 2014 there are more than 20 innovative businesses still survives and existing until today. However, some business pioneered by end-year lever students among others due to lack of capital, limited experience, connections that are less broad, and strategies for the real business world that is different from idealism life in campus.

Pioneering business since a student does have a lot of challenges . Apart from having to share time with class schedules, they are also faced with product development and budget constraints. At this position the role of campus and business partners is essential to the business they pursue not stop in vain.

Therefore, Undergraduate Business Program of PMSBE organized Business Launch and Investor Day (BLIDz) as a real contribution to help minimize the problems. BLIDz see the success of last year and the school wanted to continue and improve the success of BLIDz 2015. Actually, the event is designed to not only bring financial opportunities between students’ business projects with investors , but also for networking opportunities and synergies in supporting sectors , such as consulting , mentoring , access and other permissions.

Beyond the optimism, the school realized to get more and more support from government, venture capitalist, and media to help pioneering the first investor gathering for student business in Indonesia held by a school.


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