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About Us


Prasmul is More Than Meets The Eye

Ceritaprasmul.com is an official blog of Universitas Prasetiya Mulya that aims to encapsulate stories of Prasmulyans college life and its surrounding.Through this platform, you will discover more about the excitement experiences, success stories and great memories carried by Prasmul that might enlighten you.

To all Prasmulyan who fueled by great thoughts, this is the right place to speak up and reveal the best stories of yours. Get a chance to empower fellow Prasmulyan and Potential Prasmulyan out there. Let’s contribute!

Submit you article, photograph or video to:

Sky Drupadi (sky.sucahyo@pmbs.ac.id) or Febrina Elisabeth (febrina.elisabeth@pmbs.ac.id)


Sky Drupadi

Vitry Octavia

Witha Shofani

Gabriela Junisa Lasse


Setiawan Kusmulyono


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